Aug 10 2012

new conditioning DIRECT color

Categories: hair color, milk_shake, | 2 Comment(s) conceptTM USA is launching milk_shake Conditioning Direct Color, an innovative and delicate cosmetic coloring product with restructuring and protecting properties. It is dynamic as it is versatile and multifunctional color which offers convenient ways of application while solving technical coloring needs.

Our new and improved direct color is 100% Ammonia and peroxide free. In addition, it does not modify hair structure as it finds its position within hair cuticles. The color comes in 12 mixable shades which allow for unlimited color combinations. After the application, it will leave hair shiny, conditioned and rich in color.

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Ammonia and peroxide free, it does not modify hair structure while it finds its position within the hair cuticles, leaving hair shiny, conditioned and rich in reflexes.


Formulated with tested high quality pigments, it is recommended for the following coloring practices: to enhance natural or colored hair, to hide first grey hair, to introduce clients to color services, to complement other professional technical services, to tone bleached or highlighted hair, to intensify a shade after other color services, for color correction or for color restoring.


Special shade “clear”, or neutral, is the only non pigmented shade with the same base formula. It is recommended to use “clear” singularly as a long lasting shining service and/or to add body, shine and vitality to hair. Furthermore it is suggested to mix with other shades to reduce their intensity.


  •  thanks to milk proteins, hair stays shiny, beautiful and vital
  •  enriched with Argan oil and Karitè butter to restructure the hair and obtain a longer-lasting color
  •  exclusive Integrity 41® (Heliantus annuus) protects color against free radicals and the oxidizing effects of    environmental agents, for a longer lasting, more stable and shinier color
  •  humectant and conditioning agents add comb-ability, smoothness and shine
  •  easy to rinse, thanks to an amphoteric surfactant that cleanses gently
  •  leaves hair with a pleasant and delicate fruity fragrance
  •  leaves hair shiny, conditioned and rich in color


dynamic, versatile, multifunctional

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