5 reasons why the GLOSS is the best demi-permanent hair color


There are many reasons why a salon would want to stock a good demi-permanent hair color. If you perform a lot of blonding services and need a good toner, or if maybe your clients are looking for soft, natural looking gray coverage. With a high-quality demi-permanent color, all of these things are possible. 

We developed the GLOSS—our acidic liquid demi-permanent hair color—to address all of these needs while also improving the overall health of your clients’ hair.  

Here are 5 things you need to know about using the GLOSS in your salon.  

1. It is an acidic hair color 

The GLOSS is an acidic liquid demi-permanent hair color, which means it has a pH level of less than 7 (6.7 to be exact). Applying the GLOSS actually helps to restore hair back to its natural, healthy baseline pH level of 4.5-5.5. By slowly closing the cuticle, the GLOSS also maintains vibrancy for longer (about 15-20 washes).  

2. It works as a hair treatment 

The GLOSS’s acidic pH level means that after application, it works to close and smooth the cuticle of the hair. The result is soft hair with a high-definition shine. Any client can receive a GLOSS hair treatment—with or without color. For clients looking to keep their natural shade, apply the GLOSS Neutral.  The Neutral shade delivers all of the shine-enhancing benefits, without depositing color. The GLOSS is an oil-based liquid color with unique hydrating properties.  

3. It is highly versatile 

The GLOSS comes in 36 intermixable shades, including our neutral shade meant for non-color hair treatments and also to soften existing shades. The GLOSS works with one acidic color activator (6 vol) creating a gel like consistency that is incredible easy to apply. In addition to delivering vibrant, true-to tone color, it also covers gray up to 50%. 



4. It uses unique, natural ingredients with the latest technology 

The main active ingredient of the GLOSS is hyper-fermented prickly pear extract. This succulent fruit is known for its antioxidant properties and high vitamin and mineral content. Our unique extraction process ensures that no part of this amazing fruit is wasted. Other powerful ingredients in the GLOSS include sunflower oil, blueberry extract, and our amino acid complex.  

5. It is a powerful, but gentle hair color 

The GLOSS is an oil-based, liquid demi-permanent hair color that is ammonia-free. This ensures that the overall health and integrity of your clients’ hair is protected during and after their color treatment. Additionally, the use of our signature amino-acid complex—a unique blend of soy and wheat proteins—is a cruelty-free substitute for animal-based keratin.  

 View the technical manual and swatch book >>> 

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