May 16 2017

Choosing The Best Hair Lightener For Your Summer Blondes

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Best Hair Lightener

Spring has sprung which means hair color trends are transitioning.  Deep, rich tones are moving toward brighter, more iridescent shades. concept offers stylists a range of products to lighten locks while maintaining the hairs’ natural luster and health. Choose the best hair lightener for your summer blondes.


With so many options, how do you choose which products to use? Our Color Ambassador Tammy Cox has created a guide of our lightening products and their uses to ensure great results for you and your salon guests.



milk-shake-creative-conditioner-permanent-colorPerfect fit for natural-looking blonde shades.  Designed specifically to lighten natural hair up to four levels.  These shades work great as an all-over color, or as a shimmery accent to deeper blonde tones to bring lightness and a “glittery” effect.

Pro-tip:  Whether you’re using Multi-Color or Creative Permanent Color, utilizing CLEAR in your formula can help achieve up to an additional 1/2-1 level of lift.  Add our Deep Color Complex to the formula for even more tone, shine, and condition.



This tonalizing lightening powder is fortified with silk proteins to help protect strands during the lightening service.  Perfect choice for lightening hair 6-7 levels or working over color-treated strands.  This product is great to use with techniques requiring foils or plastics as well as free-form and balayage techniques.  For hand painted techniques, simply dial back the amount of oxidizing emulsion used to create a thicker viscosity.

Pro-tip:  Allow this product to process at room temperature for maximum condition and even lift.  Lightening hair is a delicate process-for best results and greatest integrity, slower is better. Use Safe Lightening Complex in your mixture to ensure existing bonds remain healthy and connected.



An ammonia-free, bleach-free lightening oil.  This is the ultimate “set it and forget it” lightening product.  Formulated with protective and conditioning oils, Illuminate will give a natural lightness to strands; similar to the beautiful way the sun lightens color.  Illuminate can lighten hair up to four levels, depending on which oxidizing emulsion is used.

Pro-tip:  This product is an amazing way to bring soft brilliance to blondes, brunettes, and redheads (natural or color-treated) and to highlight hair that may be too comprised for lightener. Illuminate has it’s own set of toners which are added directly into the mixture to lift and tone in one step.  The more toner you add, the more tonal deposit you will achieve.



All of our wonderful products are formulated using the most up-to-date science and cutting-edge technology to ensure outstanding results and maximum health of the hair.


Be sure and check out our amazing toning options as well.  With products such as Ligh[10] Tone Controller, Smoothies, and Conditioning Direct Color, there is truly a product for everyone.


Happy Coloring!

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