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creative permanent color
milk_shake Creative Permanent Color
The only limit is your imagination

Does your color give you all the possibilities for the creative expression you are looking for? Can you customize unlimited shades for each of your clients? From natural tones to bright fashion shades, milk_shake Creative Permanent Color makes it possible. Express your creativity with 15 tonal series and 117 shades, all made with highest quality pigments and natural and organic ingredients. Give your guests an incredible color experience with excellent grey coverage, lasting color intensity and glossy, shiny finish, all complimented by a pleasant fragrance of organic honey for sensitive skin and sensitive noses.


milk_shake creative permanent colorSince the beginning of time, artists of all kinds have found inspiration in nature. Everywhere you look, the colors found in the natural world are astounding. The tonal shifts found in the natural world have been historically difficult to replicate, due to the limited flexibility of hair color. Too much mixing of shades can cause the colors to become muddy and colorists have had to rely on intricate placements to give the overall effect of a richer tonal range, rather than it coming from the color itself. With milk_shake’s latest innovation— Creative Permanent Color, the possibilities for vibrant, full-spectrum color are endless.


With 15 intermixable tonal series, the potential combinations are staggering. Each tone is designed to be mixed and matched with the others in the range to provide clear, brilliant results. Which means if you can dream it, you can replicate it. With this incredible array of possibilities comes the ability to completely customize your vision for each individual client. By mixing the proper tones you can ensure that your ideal end result is translated perfectly from your imagination to your client’s hair.


The new, advanced formula developed for Creative Color has milk_shake’s signature reparative and restorative qualities – taking the best of nature and cutting edge technology and merging them in a way that gives you superior results, while keeping the integrity of your client’s hair intact. This new formula is also SLS and Paraben free, with a low ammonia content, to ensure the health of the hair is not comprised during processing. The combination of nurturing honey and an innovative amino-acid complex provides 18 plant-based amino acids, which effectively replaced any keratin derived from animal sources—a more sustainable way to provide healthy results. The color revealed is complex, brilliant and shining with health. With long-lasting results that will keep your Creative Color masterpiece intact and protected from fading, the only limit to what you will create is your own imagination.


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