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Education is the secret to your success. concept gives you the tools to make your business unique in the marketplace.

Our team of styling consultants, technicians and managers will share their knowledge acquired through extensive research of the latest global fashions. Hair trends inspired by the big names in fashion will enrich your exclusive salon image and enhance your unique professional abilities. concept has products for every trend and need: from color to styling, from hair care to texture and straightening.

The result of this know-how is an innovative stylistic and technical training program which enhances professional development, and provides a complete overview of the most current fashion trends.

semi-annual and annual hair fashion updates straight from Italy
instruction and technique
stylistic and technical visualization
international meetings where global fashion is discovered


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Always up-to-date, Education offers all the latest fashion news, trends and hair techniques with its dynamic and innovative technical training. This extraordinary program combines information and practical experience for fast, progressive and safe education.


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Creativity is expressed at its highest level by Italian and international stylists and technicians. The Education team provides the most current hair fashion innovations and solutions to help you personalize your own professional style.

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