How to Use 9 Minutes Color – Express Permanent Hair Color Service


We created milk_shake 9 minutes color for a very specific purpose—to deliver vibrant, shiny permanent hair color in short amount of time. 9 minutes color is a gentle but powerful permanent hair color with maximum coverage. This progressive color comes in 36 shades, with an additional 24 mixes to create an even broader range. With a low ammonia content, 9 minutes color preserves the integrity of your clients’ hair during and after application. This fast-acting hair color is intended for use on all permanent color clients, including those looking for gray coverage.  

To Use  

Mixing Ratio:  1-part Regular Tonal Series + 1 parts of Oxidizing emulsion 10 vol, 20 vol, 30 vol, 40 vol. 

Mixing Ratio for High lifters & Clear:   1-part High lifters/Clear + 2 parts of 40 vol. Oxidizing emulsion) 

Processing Times: 

Darken/Tone/ Lighten up to 2 Levels: Combine with 10/20/30 volume for 9 minutes 

Lighten up to 3 Levels: Combine with 40 volume for 20 minutes 

*NOTE: For added color intensity, add an additional 10 minutes to processing time.  

For additional ½ level intensity process for 20 minutes
For addition 1 level of intensity process for 30 minutes 


9 minutes color is a fast-processing, full coverage permanent hair color. This cream-based color contains high-quality pigments, has a low ammonia content (3%), and an opaque finish.  

9 minutes color is able to process in 1/3 of the time of typical permanent hair color, thanks in large part to bio-fermented daisy extract. This unique extraction process releases additional benefits and a high concentration of natural sugars, that enriches the Phyto-complex. This results in powerful antioxidant properties, along with additional strengthening flavonoids. 

Additionally, 9 minutes color also contains blueberry extract, sunflower oil and our amino acid complex.  


The Colors 

11 tonal series 6 mixable shades with an additional 24 mixes to create additional shades. 4 tonal series cover gray 100% 

View the entire swatchbook HERE>>> 

.0 INTENSE NATURAL brown tones.
Suitable for grey coverage and natural colour tones. 

.1 ASH grey tones.
Ideal for cold colour tones and to neutralize orange/yellow tones. Combined with the natural series, it guarantees a natural/cold result. 

.13 BEIGE beige tones.
Ideal for golden/cold tones. Neutral tone to illuminate medium and light base levels. 

.3 GOLDEN golden tones.
Warms any medium or light base level. Combined with the copper series, according to the quantity used, it guarantees a combination of golden/copper or copper/ golden tones. 

. 4 COPPER orange tones.
Bright and faithful to its name. Suitable for warm tones. Can be mixed with the golden series to obtain golden/copper or copper/golden tones, with the red series to obtain copper/red or red/copper tones or to “warm” the mocha shades in the tonal series. 

. 5 MAHOGANY red/violet shade.
Full and intense tone. Combines the violet shade to red that remains predominant. Can be mixed with the red series to obtain a mahogany/red or red/mahogany tone. 

. 6 RED red tone.
Ideal to create balanced red tones. If greater intensity is needed, mix with the mahogany series. Added to the copper series, it gives warm and bright tones. For greater grey coverage, always add an intense natural series shade. 

. 7 VIOLET cold violet tone.
Intense violet tone. The presence of blue within the series guarantees intense, deep colour. Can be mixed with the red series to create red/violet tones. 

. 31 CHOCOLATE warm brown tones.
Ideal for brown color with warm tones. Delicate and soft, it guarantees a natural effect which is never banal. Good coverage. 

. 35 COFFEE warm brown tones.
Ideal for neutral color with character. Good coverage. 

. 14 CHOCOLATE warm brown tone.
Very deep color and very exclusive. Suitable to warm, dark skin tones. Good coverage. 

. 16 CHOCOLATE chocolate brown tones.
Definitely one of the most appreciated brown tones, this shade guarantees vibrant, intense results. Good coverage. 

. 41 CHOCOLATE copper brown tones.
Suitable for neutral color with copper tones. Good coverage. 

. 8 MOCHA neutral brown tone.
Light, vibrant and exclusive brown. Ideal for vibrant and refined color. Good coverage. 

. 81 MOCHA cold brown tone.
Very natural tone with cool brown tones. Helps to control warm tones during lifting. Good coverage. 

CLEAR colorless tone.
Neutral shade used to de-saturate any other shade. Can be added with various intensity to increase lifting and create lighter levels that aren’t present in the color chart. 

Mixing guide to create 24 additional shades 

Designed to reduce cost and salon footprint, 9 minutes colors’ original 36 shades can be mixed according to the table below, to create an additional 24 shades. This brings the range up to a full 60 shades. 


Using the Clear Shade 

This special colorless shade’s function in 9 minutes color is specific and very useful. The clear shade can be used to desaturate any shade and create lighter levels that aren’t in the color chart. Also, this shade has a greater alkalinity compared to “normal” shades, therefore it can be mixed with other colors to lift. 

Grey Coverage ratios/tips 


TIP: If hair is resistant to color, add ¼ intense natural series to the formula 

Using 9 minutes Color with Illuminate Pure Pigments  

Any 9 minutes color service can be further customized by adding milk_shake illuminate pre pigments to the formula. This addition not only opens the doors for further color creativity, but also increases tonality and shine.  

TO MIX: add 10 drops or 5% or 20% of the chosen milk_shake® pure pigments shade to milk_shake 9 minutes color. According to the quantity of milk_shake pure pigment chosen, the color effect and definition will increase. 

Where to order/Contact info 

Contact your local sales rep to learn more about getting 9 minutes color in your salon. If there is not a milk_shake distributor in your area, call our customer service department at 973-396-2654 or login to our Pro shop>> 


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