milk_shake® decologic:
Technology and innovation combine to create perfect blonds

milk_shake decologic is a complete range of lightening products created through the know-how of conceptTM research laboratories to offer a wide range of solutions for in-salon lightening and toning services


dedicated professional formulas that express the maximum efficiency of technological research and scientific precision


high quality raw materials, naturally-sourced active ingredients and stylistic and technical research to give hairdressers a complete range of solutions to transform any service into a perfect blond

ecologic conceptTM has a specific approach to researching packaging that has a low environmental impact, an ethical commitment to contribute to protecting the environment

milk_shake oxidizing emulsion

5 developers specifically formulated to act in synergy with milk_shake® formulas, in 5 different strengths: 5 / 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 volumes.

When mixed with the lightening formulas, they lighten the natural melanin or cosmetic pigment within the hair, reaching the maximum lightening level permitted by the product being used. Each oxidiser has been enriched with specific emollient, conditioning and protective substances to make the formula cosmetic and gentle. The honey fragrance completes the formula, giving a pleasant scent during and after the application.

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Decalogic Tone Controller

Decalogic Eco-Packaging

eco-friendly packaging

Our concern is to commit to improving and protecting the environment, so as to limit the environmental impact of our products, choosing sustainability by working on our containers and packaging. milk_shake® decologic gives salons the possibility to reduce their environmental impact through daily choices, such as reusing and recycling our containers. The recycling symbol is clearly marked on all recyclable materials. conceptTM has also chosen to rely on certified suppliers (with FSC branding - Forest Stewardship Council), capable of guaranteeing that the paper in the milk_shake® decologic packaging comes from responsibly managed sources.

Active ingredients from nature for impeccable results

organic cranberry extract

Cranberries are originally from Northern America and are considered a super-fruit, or in other words, as being unique and extremely nourishing. Cranberries contain an enormous amount of anti-free-radical molecules when compared to other fruit like apples or spinach: one glass of cranberry juice can contain up to 8000 different antioxidants! Cranberry extract contains many precious vitamins, such as vitamin C and B vitamins, and minerals such as iron, magnesium and copper, as well as potent bioactive flavonoids. All of these substances have a fundamental role in biological processes and, when applied to hair, enhance protection, helping to give hair a healthy and revitalized appearance.


clay is a natural mineral made up of silicates and traces of other elements, accumulated during sedimentation, erosion and exposure to climatic processes, over thousands of years. During the centuries, silicates absorb components from the ground, water, and substances present in their specific environment, thus creating unique clays with their own compositions and concentrations of specific elements. The formulas from the milk_shake® decologic range contain Brazilian clay that has a unique golden colour and a high affinity with hair, smoothening the cuticle and enhancing repairing processes, protecting and improving the hair’s appearance.

silk proteins

silk is among the few fibres produced in nature in filament form by the Bombyx Mori worm, more commonly known as silkworm. Silk is made up of two main protein-based components: fibroin and sericin. Fibroin is mostly used in the textile, industrial and medical sectors, whereas sericin is renowned in the cosmetic industry for its film-forming and hydrating action. Silk proteins have a great affinity with hair keratin, which they condition and protect, giving manageability and shine whilst protecting the hair from the irritating effect of aggressive surfactants.