Jul 13 2018

Love Blond milk_shake toners

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milk_shake toners

Summer has arrived and we are up to our ears in foiling, painting, and total application blonding! Our clients are now the embodiment of summer. But our work isn’t over. It’s time to talk milk_shake toners.


Our philosophy at z.one concept is simple.Toning is an integral part of the lightening service because it helps to control clients’ natural/underlying warmth as well as restore vital proteins, moisture, and pH balance to the strands. As a colorist whose main clientele are bombshell blondes, I LOVE having a plethora of hair-healthy toning options with z.one concept as my coloring partner! Read on for strategies to help you choose the appropriate milk_shake toners for each *enlightened* salon client.


milk_shake Decologic Tone ControllerDECOLOGIC TONE CONTROLLERS

milk_shake Decologic Tone Controllers are available in eight unique, sheer shades, these toners are ideal for controlling warmth at levels 9 and 10. Their jellylike consistency make them the perfect tool for at-the-bowl toning and they are all intermixable for 100% customization! Mix equal parts with milk_shake 5 Volume Oxidizing Emulsion and process 5-20 minutes/until desired tone is achieved.

Pro-tip: For flash toning, mix prior to rinsing lightener so pigments have a chance to start developing.


milk-shake-smoothies-semi-permanent-colorSMOOTHIES CONDITIONING SEMI-PERMANENT COLOR

As we all know, no two clients lighten equally and their desired result can vary from deep caramels and delicious honeys, to glorious golds and pearly platinums. With 50 shades to choose from, milk_shake Smoothies is ideal for toning *any* level of pre-lightened locks. Bonus points for the extreme shine and condition of your clients’ hair post service. Did I mention the fruity array of fragrances? Yum! Mix 1:1 1/2 with Smoothies Activating Emulsion (8 vol) and process 10-30 minutes.

Pro-tip: Apply with bowl and brush for best results.



It’s no secret that blonding can compromise strands. How can we control warmth AND avoid another chemical process to compromised hair? milk_shake Conditioning Direct Color is the answer! Along with flashy fashion tones, we offer a variety of toning shades (silver, powder, beige blonde, golden blonde). Formulated with Argan oil and Shea butter, direct color protects, hydrates, and can even last longer than oxidative toners on porous strands. No mixing required! Apply directly to damp hair and process 5-30 minutes!

Pro-tip: Add one packet of milk_shake Natural Milk Mask powder to 30-45 grams Direct Color for a restructuring boost!


milk shake direct colorCOLOR COCKTAILS

milk_shake color cocktails combine the above-mentioned Direct Color with our fabulous Whipped Cream leave-in conditioning foam. The combination of these products give us the ability to offer a direct color service which is slightly more pastel than any other toning service. Excellent service to use with fashion tones as a color glaze or to refresh faded mids and ends. Bonus points for its marketability and interactive properties! Mix desired amount of Direct Color with Whipped Cream in a martini glass and apply to damp hair. Process 10-30 minutes/until desired tone is achieved.

Pro-tip: Have your client mix the cocktail once you’ve poured the ingredients together. This is super fun and allows them to take part in the experience!


Have you experienced what milk_shake toners and z.one concept technical products can do for your business? I encourage you to be bold today! Pick an option which piques your interest and try something *new* and innovative. Be brave, be open-minded, and embrace change!

Color Ambassador,
z.one concept North America
Insta: @colormetammy



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