milk_shake color booster system additives

milk shake color booster system

The professional innovation for color treated and lightened hair – milk shake color booster system.


The coloring and lightening formulas of concept are based on a philosophy of respect for the hair fiber, above all and at all costs. They contain high quality, pure and stable ingredients that preserve hair integrity and guarantee excellent and long lasting results over time.


The new Deep color complex, Safe lightener complex and Deep color maintainer balm bring these technical services to a new level: 3 formulas designed to amplify maintain and prolong the effects of color and lightening, with extra protection for chemically treated hair.


2 concentrated, specific additives, 1 for COLOR, 1 for LIGHTENING services, plus 1 intensive CONDITIONER represent the most advanced response to professional technical services and powerful results.




Every product contains quinoa proteins, for exceptional vitality, color intensity, shine and protection of chemically treated hair. Specific active ingredients, selected for color treated or lightened hair, complete the formulas, making them unique and dedicated to every need.


All the energy of perfection for a sublime color

DEEP COLOR COMPLEX milk shake color booster system

Additive for hair color services

milk shake color booster


Try the intensifying additive for technical color services, specifically formulated to:

/ improve intensity and color coverage

/ improve the duration of color over time

/ protect the hair during the technical service

/ condition the hair during the coloring phase

Result: hair appears shinier and silkier, with an extraordinarily vibrant color that lasts longer. Does not contain parabens or silicones.


Safe lightening for excellence

SAFE LIGHTENER COMPLEX milk shake color booster system

Additive for hair lightening services

Color Booster System Safe Lightener Complex


Try the protective additive for technical hair lightening services, specifically formulated to:

/ protect and restructure the hair during the technical service

/ favor and improve the lightening process

/ condition the hair during the lightening phase

Result: leaves hair restructured, extraordinarily shiny and silky. Does not contain parabens or silicones.


Ultimate long lasting color + conditioning for the hair

DEEP COLOR MAINTAINER BALM milk shake color booster system

Intensive maintainer conditioner for color treated hair

milk shake deep color maintainer balm


Intensive treatment for color maintenance, formulated with a concentrate of specific active principles for:

/ optimal retention and color stability over time

/ a restructuring effect that lasts

Result: leaves hair soft, shiny, strong and light at the same time. Does not contain parabens.


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