Nov 05 2015

milk shake Smoothies, scented color creams

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We are excited to announce that milk_shake Smoothies have landed in North America! 41 amazing ammonia free semi colors containing delicious ingredients such as organic honey, cocoa, papaya, blueberries, strawberries and of course…. milk proteins. Professional hair color has never smelt so good and the shine and condition milk shake Smoothies leave the hair in is truly outstanding. Another masterstroke by concept – #1 “Made in Italy” professional hair care brand. Ask your local sales consultant or distributor for more details or to schedule an appointment.


smoothies 3 41 mixable, well balanced and brilliant shades


  • Gives shine and dimension to a natural base color
  • Offers intense, bright or natural color contrasts
  • Covers up to 75% grey
  • Adds tonality to discolored and blond hair
  • Low maintenance


smoothies 4

A mix of ingredients formulated to compliment the natural beauty and the well-being of the hair.

milk shake Smoothies is a tone on tone ammonia free hair color cream blended with milk proteins, organic honey and sunflower oil, amino acid complex, fruit extracts and cocoa, for maximum hydration during hair coloring.


Milk proteins have a supplementary and conditioning effect on the hair structure, increasing its volume and elasticity and repairs and restructures damaged hair.

Organic honey has a conditioning and emollient effect, it gives shine to the hair, it is protective, regenerating and vitamin-enriched. It has antioxidant and elasticizing properties.

Integrity 41* is a complex antioxidant which ensures the durability in time of the color. It protects and repairs natural and colored hair against UV radiation and environmental damage.

Organic sunflower oil has excellent protective and regenerating qualities, thanks to its composition rich in vitamin A, C and E. It makes hair soft and silky and it ensures hydration and nourishment to the hair fibers, by protecting it against the damages caused by ageing. It has emollient and smoothing properties.

Amino acid complex helps to reinforce hair making it more elastic, easy to comb and to style. It protects against the damages caused by ageing, prevents hair from breaking, reduces frizzy hair and electrostatic effect and it increases brightness of hair.

Papaya, strawberry, blueberry and cocoa extracts have vitamin, emollient and antioxidant properties. They have an anti-inflammatory, revitalizing and soothing action.


smoothies 5


41 milk shake Smoothies shades are divided in 6 tonal series. Each ingredient characterizes a tonal series and its fragrance

Papaya, strawberries, blueberries, milk, honey and cocoa extracts characterize each of milk shake Smoothies tonal series, creating enjoyable colored cream with equivalent natural fragrances that make the product and the coloring treatment unforgettable.


milk_shake smoothiesBlueberry extract with a mineralizing action and rich of vitamins is present in violet nuances. The violet cream color and the blueberry fruits fragrance characterize the violet series.

Cocoa seeds extract, with a nourishing and moisturizing action, leaves hair soft and bright and has strong anti-aging properties. The brown cream color and the chocolate fragrance characterize the chocolates series.

Strawberry extract with a mineralizing, emollient and revitalizing action is present in red nuances. The red cream color and the strawberry fragrance characterize the red series.

Papaya extract with a strong emollient action and rich of vitamins. The orange cream color and the tropical fruits fragrance characterize the copper series.

Honey extract with a conditioning action increases the hair brightness and handling whilst relaxing and protecting the skin. The golden cream color and the honey fragrance characterize the golden series.

Milk proteins with a highly integrative and conditioning action of the hair structure. The white color and the sweet milk fragrance characterize the natural series.


milk_shake Smoothies is a ritual.
A hair coloring service you won’t forget A true sensory experience of pure pleasure and well-being,

2 comments on “milk shake Smoothies, scented color creams

  • Hi! I have been a salon owner for 20 years and did hair and make up for QVC tv and other infomercials. I try to get Milkshake in from my distributor Trubeauty all the time and it is always unavailable or back ordered. Do I have another way to get your products? 484-238-6957

    • concept usa says:

      Dear Akel, we are very sorry to hear you are disappointed with your distributor. Please give us couple of hours and we will contact you to find out more.


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