Jun 19 2014

milk_shake NATURAL masks

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Milk_shake has created 4 Natural Care masks that – if you can resist eating them (yes, they are really edible, they’re that natural) – will do wonders to your clients hair. Discover the range of delectable hair treatments that will leave hair looking gorgeous and smelling divine.


With a variety to suit every hair type, from the milk mask for dry or damaged hair, yogurt mask for normal or colored hair, cocoa mask for normal or coarse hair and papaya mask for fine or dull hair, you will start to see the effects in an instant. Each treatment was carefully studied by milk_shake to suit each type of hair and need to achieve hydration, nourishment, color protection and softness.


milk shake natural milk mask Milk Mask

Milk is of primary importance and is the first natural resource of nourishment from birth and infancy, containing all required elements: proteins, amino acids, essential fatty acids and vitamins.

The natural care milk mask is a milk powder protein compound, combined with the natural care mask base, concentrates all these benefits into a deep treatment, nourishing the hair and producing shiny, soft, healthy results. Suitable for dry/damaged hair.

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milk shake natural yogurt mask

Yogurt Mask

Rich in nourishing proteins, lactic acid and vitamins, the natural care yogurt mask combines with the natural care mask base to nourish hair. The acidity of the compound protects hair color. Suitable for natural/color treated hair.

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milk shake natural cocoa mask

Cocoa Mask

This is a natural anti-oxidant for strong nourishing of the hair. Combined with the Mask Base, the cocoa and delicious scent renders a deep treatment of the hair, for a shiny, soft and healthy appearance. Suitable for natural/coarse hair.

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milk shake natural papaya mask

Papaya Mask

Rich in essential vitamins and minerals, Papaya and the mask base combine to become a deep treatment of the hair, revitalizing and hydrating for shiny, soft, healthy results. Suitable for fine/dull hair.

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milk shake nautural mask baseMask Base

The milk base contains avocado, rice oil, honey, fruit extracts and hydrating agents vitamin E and milk_shake formulation protects color and free radicals and from fading. Each treatment is followed by leave-in conditioner, incredible milk or the argan cocktail.

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How to:

Whip up your chosen mask powder with the special restructuring mask base in a bowl to create a creamy strand smoothie. Apply to damp hair, leave for 5-10 minutes, comb and rinse to reveal soft, shiny hair.

To finish the treatment use one of our leave in conditioners that will close the cuticle. Or try the argan cocktail that has the perfect hydration and shine for the hair, featuring the unique scent of milk_shake conditioning whipped cream, combined with the milk_shake glistening argan oil.


Home maintenance products:

to maintain the healthy effect home, suggest your clients appropriate shampoo for their hair type and one of the active masks, active milk mask for dry/damaged hair or active yogurt mask for normal/color treated hair.

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