Oct 29 2018

milk_shake Smoothies Pastel shades

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milk_shake smoothies pastel shades


Pastel-coloured hair has been a growing trend in recent years, we have seen it on many catwalks and most celebrities have had pastel shades or still have pastel shades in their hair.

Some people like having a touch of colors or a few strands, some prefer an ombré effect, others color their entire head of hair.




Have you tried milk_shake smoothies conditioning semi_permanent color? It’s an ammonia-free tone on tone conditioning coloring cream with milk proteins, organic honey and sunflower oil, an amino acid complex and fruit extracts.


We are excited to introduce the new milk_shake smoothies pastel shades, formulated to be applied to pre-lightened bases with levels 8-9-10.

milk_shake Smoothies Pastel shades


milk_shake Smoothies Light Activating emulsionFor best results, the new milk_shake smoothies pastel shades must be mixed with specific revealers:
__ milk_shake® light activating emulsion
3.5 Vol / 1%
__ milk_shake® activating emulsion
8 Vol / 2.8%


milk_shake light activating emulsion is the new milk_shake smoothies revealer, ideal for tone on tone coloring without any regrowth effect. Use in combination with the new pastel shades for a more radiant result.

milk_shake activating emulsion is the milk_shake smoothies revealer ideal for tone on tone coloring and grey coverage (up to 50% greys). Use in combination with the new pastel shades for a more intense result.


milk_shake Smoothies


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