Blue Velvet Collection

The woman that inspires Blue Velvet collection has a strong will, softened by the elegance of an ageless muse. She is unusual and timeless, her style combines modernism with the nostalgia of a cozy and comforting blue velvet armchair. Her look reveals the most recent fashion precepts and rediscovers past trends in a fusion of sophistication and seduction.

Beauty is a journey into the world of color – from darker to lighter tones – and haircuts that range from the most classic to the most avant-garde. The Blue Velvet collection is created through five STYLES that tell the story of five women who have the search for refined beauty in common, with one keyword connecting them: femininity.

The Blue Velvet Collection expresses color in its many facets, but with a professional viewpoint on chromatic combinations capable of creating a harmonious or discordant image. This collection that is born to express these two concepts. The highest expression of color in all its dynamics and facets, choosing to match the colors to every single woman. Depending on her and our goal: to create a harmonious or dissonant image.

Blue Velvet