ICONIC Collection

Hair fashion has evolved from the ‘20’s to the ‘70’s to become a pure, timeless reference. Timeless styles are the main statements in 2020, celebrating a strong woman who follows trends and enhances her uniqueness with femininity in her heart. Iconic looks from London, the search for geometry and a balance in softness, strength in harmony with femininity, this is the style of women today who work hard in their professional and social lives. Iconic looks with a new glamorous concept. From the ‘20’s American film industry to the ‘70’s pop music, hair looks were influenced worldwide, both in official trends and the street style of the younger generations. With rock music, teen fashion and culture became increasingly  distinguished compared to traditional fashion. Teenagers around the globe wore ponytails or short, medium and long cuts with a touch of natural softness and an intentionally unkempt look. A new sense of freedom, light-heartedness and style are the symbols that represent the ICONIC styles of today. A glance at Brits, and eyes all over the globe. The reverberation is strong.