Kawaii Collection

This collection opens the doors to the carefree spirit of comics, the effervescent colors and graphic elements that blur the boundaries between reality and fiction. #kawaii is a Japanese adjective which can be translated as “cute”, “loveable”, “adorable”. Kawaii is a plethora of details and bright, shimmering colors, to adorn oneself and experiment with looks. Kawaii characters have childlike, naive and refined features, minute and essential proportion, big, shiny, sweet eyes and a variety of details and particular features. Kawaii woman is simply lively and unpredictable, optimistic and brash. For this reason, there are no monochromatic choices, nothing is left to chance: colors, haircuts and styles must be studied in minute detail to emanate the magnetic charm and attract the eye of the beholder. Three-dimensionality is the only way to obtain the desired result: surprise with an individual disarming spontaneity of people who live outside the box.