OH WOMAN! Collection

Free from the limitations of conventional thought patterns, our OH WOMAN! icon is a strong and sophisticated lady who embodies trust and values with a uniqueness that annihilates any kind of conflictual scheme. She is an independent thinker, she follows her belief system, allowing herself to be led by her instinct, with a neutral rebellious approach that encompasses everything from hair to make-up and lifestyle, through to technology. Her nonconformist attitude gives her a new, more open vision of living modernity free from the limitations of gender, age and social conditioning. The interpretation of its style, set in the heart of a trend that is blatantly retro and should be worn now, becomes the main feature both in cuts and color and is emphasized by a style that is slightly “unkempt” but indisputably attractive. OH WOMAN! is a homage to a strong and bold woman imbued with style and confidence, the quest for beauty is no longer a priority because it stems naturally from her values, her certainties, her fears and her dreams.