Pure Collection

The new z.one concept™ collection is inspired by the concept of absolute purity, reinterpreted with a transparency of colors. Transparency makes boundaries less evident, it is a filter that makes an image mercurial, just like the women of the PURE collection: authentic and creative.

In a world that demands transparency, sincerity and awareness, creativity and the desire for self-expression surpass the logic of mere appearance. She purloins the unique essence of things, outlining their contours and looking through the colors of transparencies that release their three-dimensionality. Everything takes on different volumes, hues, tones, devising creative interweaving that can also be found in hair fashion. Pastel shades are the unifying feature between cuts and color, representing the maximum expression of stylistic creativity. Through these colors and transparencies, everything is brushed upon lightly to give a sense of purity to beauty. In the era dedicated to emotions, the PURE woman looks through colors to protect her thoughts and release her emotions.