Q&A on the new milk_shake Decologic Tone Controllers

milk_shake Decologic Tone Controllers
milk_shake decologic tone controller

A light, delicate and efficient toner, gives perfect tone control after lightening on levels 9 very light blond and 10 platinum blond, or on natural white hair. With organic cranberry extract, clay, and silk proteins for hair protection and conditioning. For professional use only.


decologic tone controllersmixing ratio:  1:1 (30 g tone controller + 30 ml milk_shake® oxidizing emulsion 5 vol.)


mix the product with the milk_shake® oxidizing emulsion in a non-metallic bowl, respecting the given ratios. Only use plastic or glass tools and containers. After having cleansed the hair with milk_shake® deep cleansing shampoo and having removed excess water with a towel, apply milk_shake® pro color equalizer to even out the porosity of the hair, then apply the formula to the whole head of hair or the specific areas that need toning, avoiding direct contact with the scalp. Leave to process for 5 to 20 minutes depending on the required tone and the porosity of the hair. It is recommended to check the hair every 5 minutes. Once the processing time has ended, add some warm water, lather and rinse well. Conclude the service with products from the milk_shake® color specifics range.


1. WHY do we need to tone hair?

Toning pre-lightened hair is essential to control underlying pigment and improve the hair’s condition after the lightening service. milk_shake Decologic Tone Controllers come in 8 different shades to create the perfect blond tone your guest desires.


2. HOW do Decologic Tone Controllers restore strands?

Decologic Tone Controllers contain an immensely nourishing base. They are formulated with honey, avocado oil, cranberry extract, and silk proteins.


3. WHICH levels of blonde are recommending for use of Decologic Tone Controllers?

Decologic Tone Controllers are specially formulated to control the underlying pigment at both levels 9 and 10.


4. CAN Decologic Tone Controllers be intermixed?

All milk_shake Decologic Tone Controllers are intermixable, awarding complete creative freedom to the user. “White” is a transparent gloss which you can use to soften the effect of the other shades when you add it to the toning formula.


5. HOW long do toners last?

As always, longevity of any coloring product will depend on a variety of factors. Condition of the hair, porosity, frequency of washing, and home maintainence system. Also regularity of heat styling all factor into longevity. For MAXIMUM effect and lifespan we recommend mixing the milk_shake Decologic Tone Controllers with Milk_shake 5 Volume Oxidizing Emulsion, applying the mixture to towel-dried hair and processing the full 20 minutes.


6. WHAT are the recommended home care products to maintain healthy and perfectly toned blonde hair?

Depending on the hair’s condition, the client can use either Milk_shake Integrity System or Milk_shake Color Care System at home. To prevent brassiness, we also recommend milk_shake Silver Shine Shampoo and Silver Shine Whipped Cream to be used alternatively with the other prescribed care system.


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As always, Happy Coloring!

Tammy Cox,

z.one concept North America Color Ambassador



ACTIVE INGREDIENTS from nature for impeccable results

➝ organic cranberry extract
Cranberries are originally from Northern America and are considered a super-fruit, or in other words, as being unique and extremely nourishing. Cranberries contain an enormous amount of anti-free- radical molecules when compared to other fruit like apples or spinach: one glass of cranberry juice can contain up to 8000 different antioxidants! Cranberry extract contains many precious vitamins, such as vitamin C and B vitamins, and minerals such as iron, magnesium and copper, as well as potent bioactive avonoids. All of these substances when applied to hair, enhance protection, helping to give hair a healthy and revitalized appearance.

➝ clay
clay is a natural mineral made up of silicates and traces of other elements, accumulated during sedimentation, erosion and exposure to climatic processes, over thousands of years. During the centuries, silicates absorb components from the ground, water, and substances present in their specific environment, thus creating unique clays with their own compositions and concentrations of specific elements. The formulas from the milk_shake decologic range contain Brazilian clay that has a unique golden color and a high affinity with hair, smoothing the cuticle and enhancing repairing processes, protecting and improving the hair’s appearance.

➝ silk proteins
silk is among the few fibres produced in nature in lament form by the Bombyx Mori worm, more commonly known as silkworm. Silk is made up of two main protein-based components: broin and sericin. Fibroin is mostly used in the textile, industrial and medical sectors, whereas sericin is renowned in the cosmetic industry for its film-forming and hydrating action. Silk proteins have a great affinity with hair keratin, which they condition and protect, giving manageability and shine whilst protecting the hair from the irritating effect of aggressive surfactants.

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