May 25 2017

Spring/Summer Hair Trends for the Unrestricted

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spring summer hair trends

The Spring/Summer “Unrestricted” collection may borrow from the glamour of the past, but this trio of empowering, updated styles takes from the strength of today’s woman to deliver a gritty look unfettered by tradition. Timeless hair trends from bygone eras, mingled with every color of a creative revolution, climb to the pinnacle of non-conformist beauty this season. It’s grunge, it’s rock, it’s even the classic bob, updated in a way that purposefully breaks barriers.


Spring/Summer Hair Trends

Unrestricted collection


We’ve come a long way since the “I haven’t washed my hair in days, but I bleach it regularly” looks of the mid-nineties. This new take on grunge captures the anti-establishment feel of the earlier generation, but reaches new creative heights in the soft, fluid movement of shapes within its bold, graphic outline.


This striking silhouette is further enhanced with color placement that seeks to highlight, rather than subdue the graphic shape. With bright, bold creative color concentrated on the ends and sealed with a high-gloss lacquer-like finish, this look preserves the feel of the signature grown out platinum look of the original grunge movement, with a sophisticated twist.


While the strong geometric lines may not be for everyone, this looks shows how a simple long haired look with a deep side bang can be pushed to a new level of creativity. With a smooth transition to a statement-making color, this is a bold, but versatile personal look


This updated take on the look that defined Generation X is ready for a new century.


Spring/Summer Hair Trends


Unrestricted collection


The spirit of rock and roll isn’t about late nights with groupies and waking up in a haze of cigarette smoke after a few too many shots of Jack Daniel’s. Rock and roll is the sound of freedom, of non-conformity and of rebellion.


This look tempers the raw emotion of the rock lifestyle with a feminine mystique. By softening an aggressive, disconnected shape, with soft textures and a dramatic swept bang, this cut offers unlimited styling options for maximum creative expression.


The use of alternating tonal creative colors in pinks and peaches, finishes a look that is strong, artistic, and sensual. It has all of the makings of a legendary summer rock anthem.


Spring/Summer Hair Trends
3: BOB


Unrestricted collection


A timeless, universally flattering shape is pushed to the limit with unique placements of bold, creative color. It’s sophistication tempered with rebellion. While the classic bob is certainly a cornerstone look of glamour, this version errs on the side of daring by embracing sharp corners and clean lines.


This look questions the boundaries between what is socially acceptable and what is personal, creative expression. By borrowing conventional beauty standards, and bending them to fit a personal aesthetic, an entirely new look is born.


The contrast of bright blue melting into polished platinum, is both shocking and irrefutably elegant. The same techniques and placements can be used with tonal variations of naturally occurring shades—like coppers and red, or browns and black, even deep rose-gold to platinum—for a look that retains its rebellious streak, while still playing well at the office. concept Unrestricted collection


These three hair trends have each made their mark in their own respective eras, and continue to be a part of mainstream beauty culture for a reason. By adapting the classic shapes and textures and fusing them with a personal style that is utterly unique, these trends become a lesson in adaptation and admiration, not simple recreation.


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