Treat Your Guests with milk_shake Colour Sorbet Service

Salon professionals have a true passion for treating our guests. In fact, we’ve built our entire careers around it! Making clients feel well-cared for is the foundation of our business. While we are fortunate to make a living doing what we love, we still have to actually make a living by building up our revenue streams. concept has created a unique opportunity to do exactly that with the milk_shake Colour Sorbet service. This creative, luxurious add-on offers salons and stylists an excellent opportunity for treating their guests and their bottom line.


milk_ shake Colour Sorbets are the perfect service for both color-treated and non-color treated hair using one of the 12 shades of milk_shake Color Whipped Creams. No matter what your clients’ typical services, adding in Colour Sorbets will add enjoyment to their experience and breathe new life into their style.


Intense shine, color reviving, and temporary color tones are only a few of the sweet benefits for clients’ hair after receiving this singular service. The wide range of Colour Sorbet shades—such as Cold Brunette, Beige Blond, and Rose Brown—make them complementary to any existing haircolor.


The no-rinse treatment is applied right before blow drying and can follow any previous service. A decadent range of aromas like strawberry, coconut, and peach combined with whimsical sorbet cups for application, make milk_shake Colour Sorbets an exquisite in-salon experience for all salon guests.


Milk_shake Colour Sorbets give you the opportunity to add a little something extra to your clients’ salon experience, while improving the look of their style. This incredible service is the ultimate “twofer”, providing a decadent and pampering treatment to guests, while adding additional profit to your services.


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“milk_shake Colour Sorbets, the twofer, the treat for the salon guest and the salon”


Eloy Villarreal

Market Development Manager

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